Custodia de los Hijos

Child custody issues often arise in divorce cases, but they can also occur between unmarried parents. Los abogados de la brocha & Coyle are experienced in child custody matters and can assist you with these very important matters.

Parenting Plan

The focus of a child custody case is always the best interests of the child.

Under Florida law, the parties must develop a Parenting Plan which will govern how the parties relate to one another regarding their children. The Parenting Plan will include a Time Sharing schedule which will set forth, among other things, when the children will be spending time with each parent. The parents must work out the Parenting Plan and the Time Sharing schedule, but if the parents are unable to resolve this issue, then it must be litigated and the Trial Judge will ultimately decide the issue. The Trial Judge will take the best interests of the child into consideration in making the Parenting Plan decision. Los abogados de la brocha & Coyle are experienced in assisting their clients in formulating and negotiating Parenting Plans. Our attorneys are also experienced in litigating these matters if the parties are unable to work it out among themselves.

Our attorneys have represented clients in divorce and child custody cases in Lakeland and Polk County as well as throughout Central Florida.

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