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Hiring a Lawyer is not something most people have experience with. You probably have a lot of questions and want to make sure you hire the lawyer right for you.

Brush & Coyle, P.A. is ready to help you. Our site includes a Hiring a Lawyer section which will help answer common questions you may have when selecting the right law firm for your case.

Experience Matters

Prior to representing plantiffs in Personal Injury cases, our attorneys defended insurance companies (including State Farm, Auto Owners, Nationwide, USAA, and Liberty Mutual) for over 25 years. We believe this experience gives us an insight into how these companies function, work and analyze claims.

Significant Reported Cases

Attorneys Bob Brush and Timothy Coyle of the Lakeland Law Firm Brush & Coyle, P.A. prevail on important auto accident case for Plaintiffs in personal injury accidents.

The case “Pedro v. Baber 83 So.3d 912 (2nd DCA 2012)” is significant because the 2nd District Court of Appeals affirms a “Stuart v. Hertz” instruction that the original defendant is liable for medical negligence committed during the course of treatment for accident related injuries.

On March 20, 2014, the Florida Supreme Court amended Standard Jury Instruction 501.5 in the Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases to add a new section (c ) which cites the Pedro v. Baber cases in the Notes on Use for 501.5c.

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