Unfortunately, sinkholes are a fact of life that homeowners have to deal with in the state of Florida. This is due to the geology of Florida and its limestone bedrock which is soluble in natural water. Research indicates that much of Florida is riddled with cavities and caves in the bedrock of differing size and depths. Relatively few of these collapse and affect homes and roads. However, if a sinkhole happens to collapse under your home or property, the effects can be devastating.

Sinkhole activity is more prominent in certain regions of the state. The Florida Department of Natural Resouces has published a sinkhole map showing which areas of the state are most affected and the type of sinkholes for that part. Polk County, Florida, which is where the attorneys of Brush & Coyle primarily practice law, happens to be one of the areas in Florida most prominently affected by sinkholes. If your home or property has been affected by sinkhole activity, contact the lawyers of Brush & Coyle to see if they can assist you with your sinkhole claim.

What are the signs of Sinkhole activity?

Sinkholes can develop slowly over time or they can develop quickly with little or no warning. Either way, the damage can be devastating especially to one’s home.
Some of the common signs of sinkhole activity may be:

  • New cracks in your ceiling or walls
  • Separation at corners, doors or windows
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Doors or windows that won’t function properly
  • Floors that become unlevel
  • Cracks in your pavement or driveway
  • Known sinkhole evidence in the area of your home.

If your property has been damaged by the effects of a sinkhole, we can help you.

The attorneys of Brush & Coyle can provide advice to you whether the damage you have sustained is related to sinkhole activity and whether you may have a valid claim under your homeowner’s insurance policy for the damages.