Vea Nuestras Resultados

The results below are gross amounts and before deductions, attorney’s fees and expenses.
Not all cases are the same and many cases may result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed your case will have as beneficial a result.

Personal Injury Cases

$1,100,000 A sick driver passes out, severely injuring client

Our client was severely injured with closed head trauma when a driver who was feeling ill, passed out while he was driving on Cleveland Heights Boulevard in Lakeland, Florida. After passing out, the vehicle continued down Cleveland Heights running the red light at Edgewood Drive and slamming into our client’s vehicle. The insurance company attempted to argue their driver was not at fault because he was passed out at the time of the accident and that under Florida he was not responsible because he was not conscious. However, on behalf of the client we were able to prove that the driver knew he was ill and should not have been driving under the circumstances. A settlement of $1,100,000 was obtained for the our client.

$825,000 Accidental shooting, wrongful death

Our client’s family brought a wrongful death claim against the owners of a shotgun after their family member was fatally shot when the gun accidently discharged.

$750,000  Motorcycle Accident

Our client was injured while riding his motorcycle, when a careless driver pulled out in front of him. As a result, he sustained a brain injury as well as a cervical spine injury and other road rash type of injuries.  A settlement of $750,000 was reached on behalf of the client at a Mediation conference.

$750,000  Commercial Truck Accident

Our Client injured his back when he was struck by a Semi- Tractor Trailer which had run a red light.  As a result of the injury, our client had to undergo a low back surgery and missed a substantial amount of work.  A settlement of $750,000 was reached on behalf of the client during Mediation in his lawsuit.

$500,000 Faulty hip implants

Our client had artificial hip implants placed on both hips. However, the manufacturer, a Swiss medical equipment company, later recalled the hip implants which had been over lubricated during the manufacturing process. As a result of the hip implants and the difficulty the client was having with the implants, both artificial hips had to be surgically removed. The settlement was recovered on behalf of the client in a nationwide class action lawsuit.

$400,000 Trip and Fall at restaurant

Our client was eating lunch at a local restaurant.  Unfortunately, when she went to wash her hands in the restroom,  she fell down a set of steps in a darkly lit area of the restaurant.  As a result of the fall she sustained a significant fractured leg. Brush & Coyle filed a lawsuit on her behalf arguing that the steps were not properly marked and that there was inadequate lighting in the area. After  the case proceeded through discovery,  Brush & Coyle was able to obtain a settlement of $400,000  for the client shortly before the case went to trial.

$310,000 Dog runs into bicyclist

Our client sustained a significant shoulder injury, among other injuries, after a dog chased him while he was exercising on his bicycle. The dog then ran right in front of the client causing him crash into the asphalt roadway landing on his shoulder. The shoulder required surgical repair. Brush & Coyle was able to obtain a settlement on behalf of the client arguing that the owner of the dog was strictly liable for the injuries the dog caused.

$300,000 Automobile accident causing neck and low back disk injuries

A rear end motor vehicle accident caused neck and back injuries to our client who underwent laser back surgery for both her neck and low back disk injuries.

$250,000 Automobile accident verdict

Brush & Coyle was able to obtain a verdict due to a rear end automobile accident in which the client required a low back suBrush. After trial, the defendant insurance company appealed the verdict arguing that the trial court should not have allowed certain evidence to be presented to the jury and certain instructions presented to the jury. Brush & Coyle successfully defended the verdict before the 2nd District Court of Appeal.

$105,000 Dog bite injuries

Our client sustained significant scarring and injury to his arm when he was knocked down by a dog who had escaped from its owner’s yard.

$100,000 Slip and fall with injury to lower back

Our client slipped and fell in the laundry room of her apartment complex. The apartment complex blamed the washing machine repair company and the washing machine repair company blamed the apartment complex. Once the lawsuit proceeded, Brush & Coyle was able to successfully recover a $100,000 settlement against both companies to help pay for the client’s injuries and low back surgery.

$100,000 Automobile accident against a hit and run driver

A settlement of the $100,000 policy limits was obtained on behalf of our client was hit by an alleged drunk driver who had fled the scene of the accident and was later found based on witnesses who had been able to see the license plate of the hit and run driver. Our client had a surgical recommendation for an orthopedic doctor, but had not yet had surgery at the time of the settlement.

$100,000 Automobile accident

Our client sustained herniated disks in his neck and back. Although he did not require surgery, he had a significant amount of medical expenses and treatment. Brush & Coyle was able to obtain the at-fault party’s policy limits and then successfully negotiate a reduction of his medical expenses.

Probate Litigios

$500,000 Undue Influence claim in a trust

After the death of an uncle, our clients, his surviving sister and her family, were notified that a caretaker and friend of the uncle was now in control of the uncle’s trust, his estate and bank accounts. The client and her family came to Brush & Coyle to seek control of the estate and assets of the estate. After a lawsuit, $500,000 was recovered for the family of the deceased.

$150,000 Undue Influence claim in a trust

Our client was the fiancée of the deceased. The decedent’s family unduly influenced the decedent to change his will and trust documents to remove the fiancée as a beneficiary of the will and trust. Brush & Coyle was able to recover $150,000 for the client.

$150,000 Undue Influence claim in a will contest

Our client was the surviving brother of the decedent. On the decedent’s death bed at the hospital, her will was changed to remove our client as a beneficiary under the will. Our client was able to recover $150,000 in a will contest lawsuit in the probate court.

$100,000+ in Property recovered for client in estate litigation

Our client was an heir to a share of several properties owned by his parents. The personal representative moved to dismiss the client’s claim to his share of real properties in the estate. Through litigation in the probate estate, Brush & Coyle was able to recover several pieces of real estate valued in excess of $100,000.