Pensión alimenticia

Alimony which is also known as Spousal Support is a complex area of the law and you should seek expert assistance if you or your spouse are attempting to obtain alimony. Los abogados de la brocha & Coyle are experienced in the financial factors that will be addressed in an alimony decision.

Alimony differs from other areas of family law such as child support which is largely governed by a statutory guideline. Instead, alimony is determined on a case by case analysis by the Trial Judge and it is done by examining the income and assets of the parties.

The main types of Alimony are:

  • Permanent Periodic Alimony: The traditional type of alimony that usually will continue until one party dies or a remarriage occurs.
  • Lump Sum Alimony: A one time payment of a set amount.
  • Rehabilitative Alimony: Also sometimes referred to as bridge the gap alimony. Rehabilitative Alimony is where the alimony payments are made for a set amount of time to assist one spouse. For example, rehabilitative alimony can be set up so that one spouse can go back to school to retrain for a new job or career.

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